Horizon Europe Global Challenges Training Seminars

This year, the Research Support Office will once again hold a training seminar to equip AU researchers to participate in a strong Horizon Europe application to the Global Challenges programme under Pillar 2

Four targeted seminars have been scheduled between June 2023 and January 2024. Participants will learn about the strategies, requirements and conditions for participating either as a coordinator or as a participant in a proposal.

The first seminar: "The HEU's Global Challenges Work Programmes and how to transform a Call topic to a Project idea" will give a general introduction to the work programmes under Pillar 2 and review the path from call topic to project idea. The seminar will be held June 8 from 14.00- 15.30 as an online webinar.

The following three seminars are:

Feed the Reviewer I – Excellence
Feed the Reviewer II – Impact
Feed the Reviewer III – Implementation

and these are workshops focused on writing the application. The first workshop “Feed the Reviewer I – Excellence” will be held in October, the last one: “Feed the Reviewer III Implementation” will be held in January 2024. Exact date and time for the workshops will be agreed together with the participants.

If you follow all the modules, you can have your Horizon Europe Global Challenges application ready for the deadlines in early 2024.

The seminar series has been developed by the specialist team for HEU coordinator applications at the Research Support Office. They have extensive experience, and they know what researchers across disciplines and faculties are looking for, and what they need to coordinate or participate in a competitive application.

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