Communication in AGRO stands for an interdisciplinary professional communication with the press, stakeholders and the agricultural and food sector. The communication consultant is available as the researchers' professional sparring partner. This applies in particular in relation to dealing with communication issues or to get results, new projects, etc. communicated to the outside world.

AGRO's communication must be of high quality in both Danish and English.

AU's researchers have a special obligation to disseminate knowledge, be available to the press, and participate in the public debate. AGRO Communication can help.

AGRO Communication works closely with DCA's communications team.

Support for solving communication tasks

  • Advice, support and preparation of journalistic products in connection with dissemination of research results, grants, etc.
  • Saving around social media and choosing communication channels Advice on communication choices in both Danish and international research projects
  • Contribution to the preparation of communication plans
  • Support for crisis communication
  • Offers training courses with a focus on, among other things, handling the press and using social media
  • Assistance in making visible and conducting research-related events, including the preparation of press material, promotion on various channels, including social media, etc.