Climate database

CLIMATE data is often needed for research purposes and has been saved in this department for many years.

You may view and download here.

Elevator talk and cake

Every Wednesday afternoon at 14:30, we have a short elevator talk. Talk duration is 5-7 minutes. And so far, the talks are held in the cosy corner across from the canteen.

See here when it is your turn 

Guide to the perfect elevator talk.

Bicycles and bicycle trailer

We have two bicycles and one bicycle trailer you may borrow e.g. for transport to Foulumgård. Reserve a bike on the calendar on the pin-up board opposite Friederike's office. Code locks have been put on the bicycles. The code for the red one is '0000' and for the black bike '1234'.

Remember always to mark your reservation in the calendar on the pin-up board.

If the tyres need air, there is a bicycle pump in Friederike's office. Inform Friederike if the bike is out of order. 

Friday bread

Every Friday at 9:30, we meet in our coffee corner and bread is served. 

See here when it is your turn