Analysis unit and labs

Safety in connection with "re-entry" into fields at AGRO

AGRO's occupational health and safety committee (LAMU) has been working on putting focus on safe trafic in the field after spraying.

You will find the guidelines here.

Payment of/subsidies for shoes, work clothes

AGRO pays a subsidy for shoes for lab technicians paied according to the organisation agreement for "Kontorfunktionærer, laboranter og It-medarbejdere" (HK). The subsidy is only paid on presentation of documentation, and the amount is max 1.000 DKK yearly per employee (2022).

The cost is posted on the projects:

  • Flakkebjerg 926650-88121
  • Foulum 926487-88121

Procedure for non-European samples and warning signs

Procedure for Drying and grinding of plant material 

Procedure for Treatment of soil from NON-European countries

Editable file for warning signs can be found HERE.