Personnel and hiring

General employment information

All communication regarding employment should be addressed to Karina Rysholt Christensen, who will coordinate with the head of department and HR.

Postdoc, research assistant and TAP can be employed for up to 1 year without advertisement. Postdoc and research assistant can be extended for up to 1 year. TAP can only be extended if there is an objective justification. Appointments as researcher/assistant professor level and up can only be made by advertising the position and for minimum 3 years.

  • The project owner/section manager applies online via the form to the right. Remember to provide the project number(s), which is to finance the specific employment period. Please contact Karina no later than 1½ months before employment start for Danes, 2½ months before employment start for EU citizens, and 3½ months before employment start for non-EU citizens.
  • Administration will check whether there finance is secured on the project(s) in form of NN or overbooking of other staff related to the project.
  • Head of department and administration has a meeting approximately every two weeks to have a final clarification of the employment.
  • Karina will contact the project owner/section manager to inform if the hiring has been approved.
  • VIP employments:  Karina will type into EMPLY, and subsequently the new employee will be asked to upload his/her CV, exam papers, etc. The project manager will be asked to provide a professional assessment in EMPLY.
  • Employment has to be minimum 6 months as a starting point, and start dates are always on 1st or 15th in a given month.

Below you can see the workflow and advice on hiring of PhD, postdoc, temporary VIP, permanent VIP and TAP. Furthermore it is defined what to do if you want to advertise the position.

Postdoc + Research Assistant

Hiring a new postdoc or research assistant in AGRO follows the flow diagram at the right. Before advertising for a new employee ther must be a financing plan, which is approved by the Head of Department.

There are different possibilities on employment with or without advertisement. Examples can be found here DK/UK

Regarding employment of postdocs after PhD in AGRO

In the period from the handing in of thesis to the actual defence - typical 2½ month - there is a waiting period, where the thesis is evaluated by the assessment committee. The student prepares the defence.

To ensure equal terms and transparency for the students the following applies regarding employment in AGRO after the PhD period.

As a general rule, PhD students are not employed during the waiting period. This means that the students should finance the period from the time of submission to the defense takes place by themselves.

In special cases, employment can take place immediately after the submission of the dissertation, if the person in question is employed in an advertised position for at least 2 years. Advertisements and hiring are made in accordance with the applicable HR rules as shown in the flow diagram.

Employment without advertisement can take place after the dissertation has been approved for defense and with the number of months where there is work and financing (max. 12 months). The head of department must also approve this and the process follows to the current HR rules.

Temporary VIP

Hiring of temporary VIP follow the flow diagram at the right.

Temporary VIP covers assistant professor/researcher, associate professor, senior researcher and senior adviser

Permanent VIP

Hiring of permanent VIP is taking place in accordance with the departmens recruitment plan. This plan is updated every year and must be approved by the dean. The process follows the flow diagram at the right.

Search committee

The purpose of using search committees is to strengthen the department's work with recruiting new employees and especially with a view to ensuring an applicant field with high professional quality and diversity.

For more information on the committees tasks etc., look here.

Other information

We refer to the Tech faculty hiring procedures and criterias, which can be found here.


As a general rule PhD positions are always occupied after notices (except for industrial PhD's or self-financed PhDs). The grant holder/main supervisor must ensure that there is full funding for the whole employment period from one or more projects in the department. Before advertising a financing plan should be filled in together with project economist. The financing plan should be signed by the head of department.

Financing plan and project information form for announcement can be found at GSTS webpage

The workflow for employing a PhD is shown at the right:

Technical Administrative Staff (TAP+AC-TAP)

TAP and AC-TAP employments always follow the flow shown to the right.

Special about field technicians and help in the field

It is possible to employ an unskilled agricultural staff member (landbrugsarbejder) on hourly wages. Beskrivelse af opgaver kan findes i notat fra HR.

Research technicians will always be on monthly salary. Beskrivelse af opgaver kan findes i notat fra HR.

Hourly wages

In AGRO we wish to ensure the employees the correct salery on time. Therefore please follow the process described below.

At the latest the 2nd work day of the following month the employee must fill in his/her timesheet and submit it to the operation manager / section manager via email. One month per sheet and the sheet must be filled in in Excel. Excel calculates the actual time per day and month. If the employee has been working more days than is available on the sheet he/she must deliver two sheets for that month.

Drifts-/sektionslederen påfører projektfordeling, hvis der er flere projekter som skal betale. Skemaet videresendes derefter til Ved at videresende verificerer drifts-/sektionsleder at timerne er udført.

Karina Rysholt Christensen (Birgit S. Langvad is backup) controlls, that the hours are within the employment period and that the total number of hours don't exceed the number hours the employee is hired for. Kontostreng is put on and the sheet is sent to the relevant project economist.

The project economist controls, that there is money on the project and returns the sheet.

The sheet is send to Gitte Nielsen in HR, who puts it in the system.

As a general rule the salary will be paid by the end of the month, where the sheet has been sent to AGRO secretariat.

Guests - scientists, PhD students, and trainees

The flow for guests shown to the right should always be followed, independent of which type of guest you are inviting.

When planning a guest visit, please contact your section secretary as early as possible in the process. Your secretary and your section manager will evaluate whether it will be possible to accept the guest and for how long the guest can stay. As a rule of thumb a stay with AGRO can last up to 6 months. In this connection, diversity of the section and number of guest already in the section will be taken into account.

The contact person/supervisor at the department must conduct an online interview before a potential guest stay. The section manager must participate in this interview in order to assess the guest's oral level in English.

If the section manager approves the English level, the supervisor must have a second talk with the guest where "Agreement for guest stay at AGRO" is filled in.

All guests and students, who are affiliated to AGRO must furthermore fill in the Visitor participation agreement before the invitation letter can be issued.

When the exact arrival date is known the form above should be filled.

Always expect a 2-3 months' processing time in connection with the application process for a work and residence permit. AGRO will not reimburse the fee from SIRI (the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration) in connection with the application for a correct work- and residence permit, nor will any travel expenses be covered.


A trainee from a non-European Union (EU) country, or a non-European Economic Area (EEA) country must have a work- and residence permit for AGRO. This is extremely important, and it may impose fatal consequences on AU, if we do not comply with this. Tourist Schengen visa for other EU countries is not sufficient, and it is also not enough to be enrolled in another EU country. The trainee must have a work permit for AGRO in order to work and stay at our department.

Students from Denmark, the Nordic countries, the EU, and the EEA countries may arrive at the department without a work- and residence permit.

You may find further informtion on this website:

Guest PhD students and guest scientists

PhD students and guest scientists arriving from EU/EEA, the Nordic Countries, and Denmark can travel freely into Denmark and need no work- and residence permit.

PhD students and guest scientists arriving from countries outside the EU/EEA countries, and who need to stay more than 90 days in Denmark, must have a work- and residence permit as a guest PhD student.

People holding a Master's degree and who need to be in Denmark less than 90 days can arrive on a business visa.

Job posting templates

The templates below should be used for VIP positions. If you need to post a TAP position please contact Karina

Other things related to staff

Admission Card

Please fill in the online template for your new colleague's admission card:  ONLINE BESTILLING

When the new colleague has her/his first day in Foulum, it is important to get her/his photo taken for the admission card and Administration Centre NAT-TECH will take the photo and produce the admission card.


At AU, it is possible to rent housing, so please read and learn about the options and find out whom to contact:  Housing

Viborg:  It is also possible for students to find housing at Nørresø Kollegiet Viborg, and the students need to contact the Nørresø Kollegiet themselves in order to get a room.  

Office allocation

Allocation of office rooms:

Foulum:  department secretaries
Flakkebjerg:   Sonja Graugaard
Askov:   Henning C. Thomsen
Foulumgaard:  Jens B. Kjeldsen

In the event of disputes/queries, the head of secretariat has the overall responsibility for the distribution of offices in AGRO.

Onboarding - Offboarding

We refer to AU's official onboarding homepage:  Onboarding

Offboarding:  Hvem gør hvad?

2 months' evaluation

After 2 months of employment, the immediate manager or the department secretary will invite the new employee to a 2 months' evaluation meeting with his/her immediate manager, where they will talk in an informal atmosphere about how the first months have been. 

Conversation topics for inspiration

Long sick leaves

[Translate to English:]

Medarbejderen skal sørge for at sygemelde sig til sektionssekretæren i henhold til de aftaler der er lavet omkring dette i sektionen. Dette kan ske via telefon, mail, sms.

Ved længerevarende sygdom, dvs. >20 dage skal sekretæren give besked til Karina Rysholt Christensen, som sørger for, at sygemeldingen bliver viderebragt til HR Specialistteamet. Efter 30 dages sygdom vil der skulle søges refusion og for ph.d.-studerende gælder det, at de har krav på forlængelse af deres studietid.

I forbindelse med længerevarende sygdom (over 21 dage) er nærmeste leder senest 4 uger efter første fraværsdag forpligtet til at indkalde til en sygefraværssamtale med et rimeligt varsel.

AU HR anbefaler, at sygefraværssamtalen bliver afholdt omkring den 10. til 14. sygefraværsdag.

Hvis fraværet fortsætter, skal der afholdes en samtale hver 2. til 4. uge.

Det er sektions/driftslederen, der afholder sygefraværssamtalen. Formålet med samtalen er, at:

  • drøfte status for dit sygefravær.
  • drøfte mulighederne for hel eller delvis genoptagelse af arbejdet.
  • afklare evt. skånebehov.

Der er notatpligt ved en sygefraværssamtale. Lederen sørger for, at der bliver skrevet et referat af samtalen og evt. indgåede aftaler. Det anbefales, at der laves en mulighedserklæring i forbindelse med den første samtale og at der følges op på denne ved de efterfølgende samtaler. Referatet sendes til sekretariatslederen, som sørger for, at det bliver journaliseret på sygesagen.

Mere omkring sygdom findes her:

Og for ph.d.-studerende her:

Sygefravær SKAL registreres i Promark. Hvis medarbejderen ikke selv har mulighed for det skal fraværet tastes af sektionssekretæren eller af Karina.     

Extension of AU mail after termination of employment contract

The supervisor/section manager should fill in this form and mail it to: 

It is not possible to extend guest access to au-mail. 

Overtime and hourly wages


In ProMark, the employee registers the real number of work hours (1:1) on relevant projects. Please consult  relevant, collective agreements and the local agreement in AGRO.    

A local agreement 'local agreement for employees', concerning outdoor work has been entered for employees working with seasonal work related to field trials. 

The employee fills in the time registration sheet (Excel) with arrival and leaving times for the month and indicates whether there has been any ordered overtime work. The form is located on the Intranet under forms. 

All employees in MARK must fill in the spreadsheet. If there has been any overtime in the previous month, the head of the section sees to it that the statement is signed and that the project number is given in case of payment of inconvenience allowance, if any. Other employees covered by the local agreement who do field work only fill in the form if they have had overtime work in the specific month and only for the days in which there has been overtime. Here the employee must see to it that the relevant signatures and project number are added. The head of the section sends the form to the secretariat.Følgende personer kan skrive under på skemaet: projektleder ved udbetaling af ulempetillæg og ellers Karin Dyrberg, Stig T. Rasmussen og sektionsledere.

Contractual overtime
TAP employees with occasional indoor overtime must fill in this form "Over time - Indoor work".  This must be approved by the project manager and the head of the section and must be handed over to the secretariat (Karina Rysholt Christensen/Birgit S. Langvad).

General information
The secretariat sends the form to HR support on the employees who are entitled to receive overtime.