Project management

Finance, staffing plans and project management

In collaboration with ST Finance (ØC) AGRO has a number of processes regarding budgeting, staffing plans and accounts. The department has set up guidelines for advance financing and co-financing from the department (only in Danish).

In case co-financing of external projects is needed this must be agreed with the head of the department. Changes and follow-up of granted internal projects and section accounts must be agreed between the head of the section/project manager and the head of the secretariat.

In many applications, financing forms, etc. the EAN number, CVR number, place number, P number or PIC number must be stated.

Internal projects and applications

Each December AGRO begins a process of soliciting wishes for internal projects in the coming year. The individual employees formulate themselves or in collaboration with colleagues a project via a form. Subsequently the application will be considered by the department management team at meetings in December and January. About 1 February a first estimate of the internal projects granted is possible. The head of the department secretariat reports the budget of the internal projects that are granted.

Budgeting of supervisor time for PhD students paid by the department’s AV grant follows rules described in the guidelines for advance financing described above. In case you have a BSc or MSc that needs internal funding you can also read about the rules in the guideline.

External project applications

The process from idea to final reporting is explained in the memo "Research project - from idea to reporting", and in this process it is important that the budgets are prepared in ØC’s budgeting forms. These forms can be found on It is important that ”AGRO” is entered in the department field at the top of the page. This budget must be approved by the ØC controller prior to being signed by the head of the department. From May 2020 the department use internal review on some applications. This will be announced in these cases. The signature page from the application is send to the head of secretariat at least three working days before application deadline together with this cover sheet. After signature the page is returned to the project leader.

After submission of the application it is sent to the relevant secretary for registration in ReAP (a database with all applications submitted by the department) and filing in Workzone. To ensure that no project with more than one “project manager” in the department is registered twice, it must be agreed mutually who is the spokesperson, and her/his secretary handles registration.

Legal assistance and collaboration agreements

If you as a researcher at AU choose to collaborate with partners outside AU, there are certain legal frameworks in your project planning that must be taken into account. This is primarily to safeguard the freedom of research, and deals with both commercial and non-commercial research. It is therefore important to have the expectations aligned with the collaboration with its external partners.

A number of fast track agreements are places on the page, which if approved without corrections, should not around TTO, but just sent to them after signature for information. Also paradigms for GUDP and collaboration with Seges are possible. You can get these by contacting Anne Sofie Nielsen or Birgit S. Langvad

If you are a project manager having projects that are not immediately covered by any of the above examples you can send a mail to, or one of our contacts at TTO, see below. Please enclose application and grant letter.

Short clarifying questions can be sent to one of AGRO's contacts:

File keeping

All governmental authorities are obliged to archive (Offentlighedslovens §15, stk. 1). This also applies to research projects. At seniorVIP meeting in 2019 an introduction to how we do in AGRO is given, and subsequent guidance is provided here.

Project creation in Navision (project number)

Prior to ordering that a project should be created for entering expenditure and time registration the head of department must go through and approve/sign this. It is important that the approval of the project by both the project manager and the head of the department is filed in WorkZone in the file of the project. Subsequently the project manager sends a request to her/his relevant project finance controller, who returns a project creation form.

It must also be considered whether this is a commercial / non-commercial project. You can read more in AU's mini guide "Commercial or non-commercial activities?".

It will typically take 14 days to create a project, counting from reception of the signed form.

Budgets and staffing

Budgets are drawn up for all internal and external projects in a collaboration between the project manager/head of the department secretariat and project finance controller in the databases SIGURD and Navision when the projects have been granted. SIGURD forms the basis of project budgeting, the staffing plans in the sections and finance surveys for the department management team.

The project finance administrator introduces the individual project manager to the forms in SIGURD.


The consumption of resources in the projects can be monitored by the project manager (as regards own projects) and the head of the department/section (as regards all projects in the department/section) on the page, with access to the page requiring the same login as for the network.

To the left there is a link ”Standardrapporter”. Choose ”ST20 Budgetopfølgning til projektledere 1 år”, and choose the concrete project for which the accounts are wanted.

Together with the project finance controller the project manager is responsible for following up on consumption.


All purchases at AGRO must go through one of the department's purchasers; they know Aarhus University's purchasing agreements, rules and procedures. 

If you make purchases yourself as an exception, the supplier must provide the following information on the electronic invoice to secure a fast process and payment on time:

  • AU's CVR no.: 31119103
  • AGRO's EAN no.: 5798000877450 
  • Project and activity number that shall cover the cost of the purchase 
  • Your name
  • Inform the supplier that 'Aarhus University' must be stated as the recipient of the invoice to secure exemption of tax in Denmark

AGRO's purchasers are:


  • AU-ID 223785 Karin Dyrberg - lab articles
  • AU-ID 643406 Charite Kjærside Nielsen - office supply, coffee, books
  • AU-ID 393679 Anna Dorthe Østergaard - telephone use, CWT
  • AU-ID 223209 Jytte Christensen - food, restaurants, etc.
  • AU-ID 223080 Birgit S. Langvad - furniture, glasses, language revision, print/copy and costs over DKK 50.000 AGRO-Foulum
  • AU-ID 261400 Jens Bonderup Kjeldsen - Foulumgård and semi-field-anlæg, seeds, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • AU-ID 553982 Dennis Villadsen - electronics, research equipment and workshop supplies

In Foulum  Anna Dorthe Østergaard is ”buffer” for all non-placable invoices


  • AU-ID 465701 Simone Ena Rasmussen - lab articles for PATENT
  • AU-ID 224258 Bente Birgitte Laursen - lab articles for CROP
  • AU-ID 223555 Lis Bagnkop Holte - lab articles for CGB
  • AU-ID 223613 Sonja Graugaard - travels, office supply, glasses, catering, books, furniture and costs over DKK 50.000 AGRO-Flakkebjerg
  • AU-ID 223106 Per Heinager - articles for workshop, maschinery, gasses, safety equipment
  • AU-ID 223586 Karen B. Heinager - costs for cars, research articles in relation to field trails
  • AU-ID 722608 Søren Georg Vangsgaard - working clothes and general costs related to field trails
  • AU-ID 224226 Jakob Sørensen - articles related to green houses

In Flakkebjerg Sonja Graugaard is ”buffer” for all non-placable invoices


  • AU-ID 223925 Henning C. Thomsen - everything regarding Askov


  • AU-ID 236063 Gülnur Dogan

Some companies need a written purchase order, therefore AU has made a template for this

The departments must sign these orders them selves. As a rule it is the project leader who sign these, unles the purchase is more than 100,000 DKK, then the head of department will sign.

The formular can be found here.

Time registration

Since many of the department’s grant givers require registration of used time in connection with the final reporting the department has a system for this – ProMark. All employees in AGRO with salaries from AU must report to this system.

You can find guides for the system here.

You can log on to ProMark here.

When an employee stops, goes on maternity leave, takes leave, etc. It is important that they enter their time up to the last working day. For employees who go on maternity leave, it also applies that they must register their expected maternity leave until the last day of absence.

On registration of flexitime for entire days it is important to delete the lunch break because the system does not do it; otherwise such cases would mean a great deal of extra work for the administration.

Each individual employee can see in AURAP in the report ST25 Timerapport how much time has been spent on a project in comparison with the budgeted time in the staffing plan.

Ground rules for responsible conduct of research and research freedom in regard to collaboration with external parties

The ground rules are intended for researchers or research teams who are preparing to enter into a research collaboration with an external party. The senior management team approved these ground rules on 6 May 2020, and they come into force on 2 June 2020.

Read more here.