File keeping in AGRO

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File keeping - why?

Administration authorities are obligated to electronically file certain documents – This appears from the Public Records Act, section 15, subsection 1 (in Danish).

In accordance with the “Environmental Information Act” (in Danish), management authorities are obligated to electronically file all  documents.

  • AGRO refers to the requirements in the Environmental Information Act.

When to file?

The Danish Paliament's Ombudsmand has given below guidelines on when to file:

  • Paper-based documents must be saved in WZ within 3-4 workdays
  • Internal documents must be saved in WZ when finalised. The Parliamentary Ombudsmand states within reasonable time
  • Emails and email threads must be saved all together in WZ within 7 workdays. This also applies for emails where you are cc:
  • Before a decision is exercised on “access to documents”, all documents must already have been saved in WZ
  • We highly recommend that you currently save in WZ – it would make perfectly sense to save relevant documents when you have read them, so you don’t forget it.

Read more about the Ombudsmand's guidelines on electronic filing here (in Danish).