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All orders must be made by the employee him/herself or by the help of a secretary via the IT webshop.

Before you order, you must agree with your immediate manager or project manager which project number must pay for the purchase. You must apply the project number to your order. With regard to external projects, as an employee, you must look at whether the external grant provider covers costs for IT equipment, which does not apply to all grant providers. If in doubt, contact your project economist.

You may only place an order if you are paid by AGRO.

We recommend that you in the first instance make a wish for "Consultancy wanted in connection with purchase", since the department management does not want to get purchased equipment that is either over or under dimensioned in relation to the need you have as an employee. The department management has previously decided that Mac computers can only be ordered if there is a special need for special software that only runs in this environment. When purchasing Mac, the employee must also be aware that assistance with local IT supporters is limited in this area.

Regarding smartphones, it is recommended that no models be ordered that cost over DKK 4,000 (year: 2020) Tablets can only be ordered by employees with very extroverted activity or work-documented needs.

It is always a managerial decision, which employees have a job situation and function that requires the university to make multimedia (mobile, PC, home) available to them. The manager must thus make a concrete assessment in the individual situation. Read more about rights and taxation here.

Politics for computers at AU

For computers to be supported on AU's network, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Not older than 4 years
  • Run Windows 10 as the operating system
  • Use an anti-virus program managed and monitored by AU-IT
  • Have a SSD hard drive of at least 256 GB


There are basically three ways in which a criminal can access a password; by asking, guessing or trying.

It is therefore about creating a password that best protects against the above. The only thing that can stop a criminal trying out is to set requirements for the length and complexity of the password, and, at regular intervals, to change his password. Therefore, AU also has some minimum requirements in these areas.

Password must be strong, contain at least 12 characters, combined with capital letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

Here is presented three ways to create/remember passwords, which partly ensures a reasonable quality of the resulting passwords, and partly increases the likelihood that you can remember the password subsequently.    

Section mail groups

The section secretary owns / maintains the section's mail group and can add and delete members of the group.

If employees outside the section want to be added, this must be approved by the secretariat manager before the secretary adds e-mail.

If you want to be added to other mail groups, you can see under the properties who the owner of the group is.

Guide to adding / removing members of the distribution lists.

Mail groups that cross units are edited by Karina Rysholt Christensen.

Taxation of work phones (solemn declaration)

Read more about the rules here and find the solemn declaration on the site:

[TrTeams, Zoom, Vmeet, Video conference

Read more about the various options for virtual meetings:

Photos and logos

Photos - Colourbox and Cumulus

Logo - AU and FOOD:

If you have any questions regarding logos, please contact the secretariat

Wireless network and VPN

IT security and GDPR

Filesender - Send large files

If you need to send large files, you can find the guide here:

How to send secure emails

You can send a secure email with a plugin in Outlook. Read more here:

E-mail signature and auto-reply (Outlook)

Contact the IT support

Blichers Allé 20, buil. A14, room 2012
Phone. 8715 0944  

Forsøgsvej 1, buil. A, room A101
Phone. 2485 8405  (emergancy phone 8715 0944)

Support is on-site in Flakkebjerg Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in even weeks, and Monday and Wednesday in uneven weeks. 

Read more about IT-support 

You can see more about operating status on AU systemes at, if you are experiencing problemsoplever.