Department management

AGRO's department management team is presented in the right-hand column. The Department management team is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Department, but it is the researchers who have "the ear to the ground". They take the initiatives to new research projects which they subsequently describe in their applications to various foundations. The researchers thus have a large share in the responsibility for financing and with that the possibilities of contributing to a favourable development for the entire department. The starting point is therefore to delegate as much management to the individual employee and by this provide the possibility of a great degree of self-management.

At the moment the Departments income is at the moment divided between externally funded research projects (approx 2/3). The remaining 1/3 stems from the contract with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark (MFVM) and a rather small part from the Dean’s Office for the PhD and teaching areas. 

You can read more about the Department and our strategy here.

Department management

The department management team preparrd staffing plans in collaboration with the Finance unit on the recommendation of the project managers. This ensures maximum involvement, and the task of the department management team is to accommodate these wishes to ensure that the department’s resources are used in the most appropriate manner.

”Staff” is an also an important item, which is on the agenda at nearly all meetings of the department management team. The reason for this is that in many research projects there is a large need for new recruitment. 

Finally, the department management works with the showing various funding oppertunities, where it is possible to apply for external funds.

Minutes from department management meetings (in Danish) can be found here.

Daily management in a research section

A section consists of 15-25 permanently employed employees who each have their own specialist focus. However, it is also important to be aware that the challenges faced by AGRO change concurrently with the changing framework conditions for agriculture and society. As a result the sections’ activities will also develop over time, among other things in size and scientific focus.

Field units - MARK

The Department have three senior agricultural technicians who have the responsibility to plan work for a number of field technicians within their field. The MARK units are at the locations Askov, Flakkebjerg and Foulum.

It is important to involve the field units as soon as possible in the planning of the field experiments to get as smooth a workflow as possible.  

Henning Carlo Thomsen

Field Manager Department of Agroecology - Research facilities Askov

Jens Bonderup Kjeldsen

Field Manager Department of Agroecology - Research facilities Foulumgaard

The extended management includes the committee chairmen and coordinator for the secretariat in Flakkebjerg .

Chairmen: Industry Committee - Birte Boelt, PhD Committee - Lis Wollesen de Jonge, Degree Programme Committee - Bernd Wollenweber, Research Committee - Per Kudsk, Policy Support Committee - Jørgen Eriksen

Coordinator for the secretariat in Flakkebjerg: Sonja Graugaard

Birte Boelt

Senior Researcher Department of Agroecology - Crop Health

Lis Wollesen de Jonge

Professor Department of Agroecology - Soil Physics and Hydropedology

Bernd Wollenweber

Associate Professor Department of Agroecology - Crop Health

Sonja Graugaard

Department Secretary Department of Agroecology - Staff, AGRO Flakkebjerg