Data Management

Research Data Management (RDM)

Data management is all about how you manage your research data before, during, and after your research project. It is important that you handle data responsibly both research, technical, legal, and ethical data. This means that you must:

  • store and secure data so that it can be recovered and so that data loss is prevented
  • have a practice for how data is organised, described, structured, and documented 
  • follow AU's current policy for how data is accessed and possibly shared 
  • make a Data Management Plan that i.a. contains a plan for how data is preserved or destroyed

The Danish Code of Integrity in Research (2014) states: "Primary materials and data should be retained, stored and managed in a clear and accurate form that allows the result to be assessed, the procedures to be retraced and – when relevant and applicable – the research to be reproduced."

Data Management is an essential part of good research practice, as it helps to ensure that data can be retrieved and reproduced, just as it helps to verify your research results.

Here you can read about Data Management in AGRO and at AU.